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Consolidation in many industries is encouraging growth through business combinations.
In our role as a registered intermediary, we represent both buyers and sellers of businesses in achieving their goals.
Our personalized approach as a "business partner" permits us to most effectively represent our client in each assignment.  Proven experience in identifying and qualifying prospects and negotiating transactions helps us create Win/Win situations for both parties in the transaction, and better assures ongoing success of the business operation.
Our broad experience in new product licensing for both licensors and licensees is available as another approach to create Value.
What Our Mergers & Acquisitions Clients Say About Us
"Craig Stokely did an excellent job in working with us in our efforts to locate an acquisition candidate. He gained an understanding of our business and our goals as step one. He then located several candidates worthy of consideration. He did a fine job in communicating with prospects and helping evaluate these opportunities. He was always professional in his dealings with us and with prospects."
George L. Leasure, President
Ghent Manufacturing Inc.
Lebanon, Ohio
"You worked tirelessly to find the right buyer for our company, and then represented us with integrity in negotiating the transaction.  I will be using your services again."
Walter Smith, President
Advantage Office Systems
Mountain View, California
"While you represented the seller of the company we purchased, I am so impressed with how you created a Win/Win for both of us that we want to retain your firm for our own acquisition program."
Shaffique Verjee, President and CEO
The International Source for Ergonomics
Toronto, Canada
"The Stokely Partnership has been an invaluable asset to Innovative Market Solutions. During the InView product development, licensing, and commercialization they brought robust industry expertise and an established network of key industry players. The Stokely Partnership added additional credibility to a strong product concept providing concrete development and marketing feedback through the development cycle. Furthermore, they secured industry presentations and made huge efforts on our behalf throughout contract negotiations and execution. We have every confidence in The Stokely Partnership and look forward to continuing our relationship."
Steve Kraus, President
Innovative Market Solutions
Stamford, Connecticut
"We appreciate and value the role you played in this successful transaction."
Gary S. Miller, Executive VP
Herman Miller Inc.
Zeeland, Michigan
"You have our unqualified recommendation to anyone seeking to sell their business.  You are a pleasure to work with."
Dale Montague, Co-owner
Envirogen International, Inc.
Costa Mesa, California
"You found the right buyer for our company.  I am impressed with the way you represented us in this work."
Everett T. Bahre, Chairman
T-Com, LLC
Sunnyvale, California
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The following articles have appeared in The Stokely Letter, our company's newsletter on Business Growth issues. 

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