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We develop effective, results oriented marketing plans based on The New Marketing™, our proprietary Value driven reinvention of traditional marketing principles.
Understanding the market, competition, trade and logistics requirements, pricing and promotional issues, packaging and merchandising is just the beginning.
We focus on the 4 C's, Customer, Cost, Convenience and Communication, to find Value added innovative approaches to differentiate our client's offering for initial and ongoing success.
Proactive, continuous listening and interpreting changing Customer, Employee and Market needs is the foundation for most successful ongoing businesses.
Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, market trends and new product evaluation are examples of qualitative and quantitative research work our firm performs.
Each assignment is customized for our client.
What Our Marketing & Marketing Research Clients Say About Us
"Before I met Craig Stokely we had run the gauntlet of improving the business efficiencies of the company as much as we could, and we still were not getting traction in terms of profitability and growth. Craig did a great job understanding our very niche, marketing based company. He helped us get a focus on our customers. We reorganized our publishing along readership lines, and this had dramatic impact on customer satisfaction. Additionally he focused us on the key business metrics, including direct marketing. We were able to make decisions faster and grow the company very substantially. I was impressed with the depth and breadth of his knowledge.

Through this work we were well positioned to be acquired by a larger company at an excellent price."
Joseph A. Drago, President
Dartnell Corporation
Chicago, Illinois
"You helped our company understand what it takes to be successful in the new market we want to penetrate, and how to do it."
Laura Milani, President
Organizing Products Inc. 
Chicago, Illinois
"We have found no better way to understand the experiences of our Customers and Employees than through your research techniques.  The investment we make in these satisfaction audits continues to pay us dividends.  We plan to implement them regularly."
Brian Ziegler, President
Ziegler's Ace Hardware Group
Elgin, Illinois
Marketing & Research Articles From our Company Newsletter 

The following articles have appeared in The Stokely Letter, our company's newsletter on Business Growth issues. 

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